Study breaks 101: The ultimate stress- eliminator list

suggestions by emilydoll

1. Take an online quiz Forget BuzzFeed! Check out Marian’s Online Network to find out a little bit about yourself, such as which teacher you are most like. Hit up

2. Rest up Just pass out for 10 to 20 minutes. You can’t worry about homework if you’re unconscious! Also, power naps are a great way to refresh your mind.

3. Eat your feelings Hungry or thirsty? Eat your stress away! It’s not bad if you eat a piece of fruit or do a couple jumping jacks afterwards, right?

4. Read up on something that interests you Have you ever wanted to know where the longest piece of spaghetti is located? Well, it’s located in Tokyo. Look up something else. Know anything about taxidermy? No? Then, get on it!

5. Chat with a pal Have you ever talked to that eccentric neighbor of yours? If not, start up a convo about politics!

6. Watch an episode from your favorite TV show Make sure to only watch one, though!

7. Listen to some pump-up jams Iggy Azalea? Check. Jacob Sartorius? Check. A 10-hour loop of that vine of a little boy saying “LeBron James”? You betcha. You can also check out The Network’s Spotify account, mariannetwork, for some fun songs!

8. Take a shower Wash off all the dried tears and feel refreshed at the same time. It’s a win-win! Feeling clean is a great way to relax your mind.

9. Play a game Feel productive while playing a game. It feels even better if you win!

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