Q&A: Highlights and updates with clubs at Marian


1. What is your position in the club?

2. What is the mission of this club?

3. What is the importance of your club in the Marian community?

4. What have been some of the most
memorable activities of your club

5. Are there still ways for students who aren’t current members to get involved?



Tylin Welch ’17 and Tori Dunston ’17

1. We are a part of the 4-member core team.

2. To increase diversity and spread awareness.

3. To create open minds and work on inclusion.

4. Activities included the Privilege Walk from last year, the
Hispanic Heritage Month speakers, we brought in a Salem Baptist Choir, and this year we are planning to have a Black History Month event in the PAC.

5. Come to meetings and feel free to bring friends!

Knitting Club

Emily Kleinschmit ’17 and Kellie Stoessel ’17

1. We are co-presidents of the club.

2. We just wanted girls to be able to develop a new hobby that they can do forever while also relieving stress. Our goal is to make useful items for the needy or hospitals. Right now we are working on baby hats to donate to a hospital.

3. Our club helps Marian by allowing people of different ages, grades, economic states and political stances to come together with a similar interest.

4. Knitting the baby hats and teaching people who do not know how to knit is interesting.

5.Yes, if you email us, we can add you to our email list. Yarn donations are also much appreciated.

Sign Language Club

Mr. Kory Delkamiller, moderator

1. I act as the club moderator making sure that meetings are scheduled and events are planned.

2. The Sign Language Club helps its members to better
understand and appreciate how people who are deaf and hard of hearing communicate using their unique language and culture.

3.  This club provides an opportunity for the students to expand their awareness and understanding of deaf culture and the importance that sign language is as a bridge to connect people both hearing and deaf. It also helps to increase awareness of some of the challenges that the people who are deaf and hard of hearing confront on a daily basis.   

4. Having different speakers from UNO come and talk to the club members about why they chose to become sign language interpreters.  We are also planning on hosting a person who is both deaf and visually impaired.

5. The Sign Language Club is always open to new students who are interested in knowing some basic signing skills and who want to learn something about deaf culture.

spanny 3 copy.JPG

Sew What? Theology teacher Mrs. Lori Spanbauer shows the students in Knitting Club a new technique. Club members followed her instruction during an interactive meeting. Photo courtesy of Natalie Plewa

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