Band puts on memorable show in Lincoln

review by amaleapoulos

I spent my Valentine’s Day with more than 300 people.

Young the Giant, with opening act Lewis Del Mar, sold out the Bourbon Theatre on O Street in Lincoln on Feb. 14.

After taking one wrong exit and accidentally pulling into the perfect parking spot, a friend and I stood outside the venue for nearly 30 minutes before paying the $2 entry fee all minors have to pay (because “we make our money off booze sales, and you can’t buy any” as put by a security personnel) and getting a yellow wristband that indicated we are underage.

The entry fee was an additional cost to the ticket, which was less than $30.

playlistThe Bourbon Theatre is the perfect venue for a general admission concert. It’s not too small or large and is enclosed so you don’t feel like you’re floating in space. My favorite part of the venue is that the floor isn’t all one level. I was able to go up a level — a couple of stairs worth — so I could actually see the stage.

Lewis Del Mar, the opening act, was enjoyable even though I had never heard of them. Usually, opening acts are just subpar and boring; Lewis Del Mar broke the stereotype. I found their electronic, chill music on Spotify and added it to my playlist.

Young the Giant came out promptly after Lewis Del Mar’s closing. There was a 15-ish minute break between the acts.

I had only heard a handful of Young the Giant’s songs before the concert, so I expected there to be a boring or awkward moment here and there during songs I didn’t know.

I was wrong.

The quintet, led by Sameer Gadhia on vocals, put on an entertaining show. Gadhia’s energy was contagious — he was electric. Young the Giant exuded a cooler-than-ice (but approachable) persona. They sang 17 songs with a few breaks sprinkled in for speaking to the crowd.

The lights, vocals and instruments worked in perfect harmony to create a nearly flawless show. I danced to every upbeat song and felt the passion in each mellow, toned down song. I left the Bourbon feeling jazzed and excited about a new band to obsess over.

Young the Giant is continuing their tour in the United States until June. Tickets can be found starting at $40 on StubHub. The Bourbon will be hosting a multitude of shows in the spring, including Memphis May Fire on March 7 and Hippie Sabotage on March 9. Visit for more dates and showtimes.

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