Walk-A-Thon a ‘hue’ge success


by Maddie Robertson 

Students flooded the sidewalks of Military Avenue on Sept. 29 with smiles on their faces and a dance party on their minds. Marian’s annual Walk-A-Thon had begun.

Prior to the walk itself was the results assembly which was led by Principal Susie Sullivan and Student Board Vice President senior Lily Heim. They announced the collections from each grade and the overall amount raised.

The senior class, which raised $29,377 (143.7 percent of their overall goal), took the first place 1-mile route. The junior class, which brought in $34,987 (142.6 percent of their overall goal) walked the second place 2-mile route. The freshman class, finishing strong on their first Walk-A-Thon, brought in $29,910 (115.5 percent of their overall goal) and walked the 4-mile route. The sophomores, with a grand total of $25,187 (104.4 percent of their overall goal) walked the 4-mile route as well.

“This win is something I’ve never felt before. I can’t even use my words to describe this feeling,” senior Rachel Brich said.

Brich dedicated the win to an important honorary member of the Class of 2018, Nicholas Minaj. Minaj, a baby doll who was brought to pep rallies, sporting events and even Field Day by the class of 2016, was given to Brich by graduate Michaela Moriarty. “This baby holds the fate to our future,” Brich said. Minaj is set to make appearances at several other Marian events along with the Class of 2018.

While a majority of students enjoyed the leisurely walk around Marian, all
of the cross country team, a handful of health-savvy students and a small group of teachers deliberately ran during Walk- A-Thon.


Sophomore Payton Kirchhoefer enjoyed running with the cross country team on a route that required her to run up Sophomore Lot’s hill.

“I ran with Mrs. McLeay. It was a good time,” Kirchhoefer said.

After the walk concluded, the dance party started. Girls raced down to the Performing Arts Center parking lot in their white t-shirts, eager to coat themselves in colorful powder.

“I think this is the best theme ever,” junior Grace Thede said. “It was great to reach the goal as a class and be competitive in a friendly way.”

The junior class, who got the first pick of powder color after leading the Walk- A-Thon collection by the second week, littered the air with teal powder as they finished their walk.

Dance parties aren’t customary for most Walk-A-Thons, but the freshman class enjoyed the lack of normalcy.

“I feel like this is very different from lots of Walk-A-Thons,” freshman Emma Gunn said.

“It’s a great way to start it,” Gunn said she is looking forward to what future Walk-A-Thons will have in store.

Heim, who organized Walk-A-Thon, was pleased with the outcome of the walk and the dance. “I am so excited that we reached our school goal and that every class pulled their weight,” Heim said. “It’s a good way for classes to bond.”

As the dance party came to a close, Marian was left with $119,463 earned from student efforts, a Halloween movie day for the entire student body, a week of free dress (Oct. 12-18), a free day on Oct. 23 and more than 675 colorful students.

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