Spanish Club Does the Salsa

By J1 Reporter Kristin Beduhn

What is the best way to start your morning? Is it a warm cup of coffee? Scrumptious breakfast? This answer may be up for debate, but everyone in Spanish club can agree that salsa dancing is a strong contender.

On the morning of Friday, Nov. 10, Spanish Club met in the Performing Art Center to give their morning a great start and learn some steps to the Salsa.

“One step, Two step, Three step, Back Step,” could be heard over the salsa step counting music the girls were dancing to as they focused trying to nail down the new choreography. Once the beginning steps were perfected, the class moved to partner work and even added a spin to spice up the dancing.


Diana Bruguera teaching the Spanish Club girls the first few steps to the Salsa. Photo by Kate Kellen.

This choreography was taught by Diana Bruguera. Bruguera was born in Cuba and grew up with salsa dancing around her. She moved to America and has been taking classes at Nebraska Salsa Scene for three years. She was encouraging to all the beginning salsa dancers and emphasized the importance of putting in your personality and having a good time. Bruguera gave all who were nervous useful advice. “Don’t be afraid, if you want to dance, do it. The more you practice and the more different people you practice with the easier it will be,” Bruguera said.

Bruguera contributed to the seemly popular idea of homework, but to the Spanish Club member’s delight, it was to practice their moves to get more comfortable with the steps. Thanks to Bruguera and the new spanish moderators, Ms. Caitlin Gaule and Mrs. Amanda Pritchard. This was an extremely successful event and Spanish Club is already talking about another class, so participants can hopefully gain more confidence in their moves. If you are already in Spanish Club keep a look out for an email if another class does get scheduled. Even if it is out of your comfort zone, trying out a class is a perfect kickstart to your morning and strongly encouraged!


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