Homework has taken over my life

Lizzie column

Opinion by J1 reporter Lizzie Byrne

It’s 11:00 o’clock at night, you can barely keep your eyes open and you are anxious from the lack of physical activity in your life. You are knee deep in books, quizlets and calculations. It feels as though you have been going through the motions day in and day out. Somehow, in the overwhelming stress of school, we have lost the time to do other necessary activities.

With the amount of school work we are given, it becomes much harder to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  I have no time to go to the gym without feeling stressed about the loads of homework I have weighing down on me. Physical activity relieves stress hormones and causes stress to decrease.

When I get home, I hit the books right away. Then, my parents constantly complain about how I am never around to spend time with them. The amount of homework I am given affects my relationships with others, or lack thereof. This, in turn, affects my mental stability, along with my capacity to obtain knowledge.

We spend about eight hours at school each day and receive three to four hours of homework each night. This time does not include the two hour practices for athletes and other extracurricular activities. On top of this, we need time to eat dinner, shower and sleep. I walk down the hallway each morning and all I see are the faces of sleep-deprived girls.

A solution to this problem could be regulations on the amount of homework given or even teachers’ awareness of the fact that we have eight subjects worth of homework each night. Obviously, I am grateful for my educational opportunities and the challenges that come along with it, however, it is impractical to believe that a teenage girl can maintain these high standards of society. It is important, when looking at expectations of teenagers, to remember the amount of stress weighing down on their shoulders and take into account the numerous responsibilities they have.

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