Shooting down change won’t fix anything

By J1 Reporter Jolie Peal

IMG_0454Society has taught us to accept many different ideas as social normalities: drinking coffee, brushing your teeth, and mass shootings.

We have all fallen into the trap of watching the news report of a shooting, thinking for one second, “That is so horrible,” before continuing on with our lives. If this situation doesn’t scare you, then what does?

We have allowed the act of people entering a public place and killing massive amounts of innocent bystanders to become “normal.” People dying at the hands of another is not “normal.” It’s far from it. Stronger gun control laws need to be enacted because nothing is going to change unless we try. This does not necessarily mean the removal of guns.

The United States Constitution was written in 1787. That was 230 years ago. A lot has changed in 230 years. New technology has come about, women can vote, communication between countries has increased, and national security has grown. Right now, we cannot even say we are trying to stop these shootings because nothing is changing.

As children, we are taught when we fall to get back up and try again. Our country falls everytime there is a shooting, but we are allowing ourselves to stay on the ground. We have not been trying anything to bring about change that could help. No one ever knows what the outcome of what a change will be, but it is better to try than to do nothing.

Over the course of 230 years, not much has changed with gun control legislation, and right now would be a great time to try something new instead of letting people continue to go to school in the fear of being shot.

When people protest for stronger gun control laws, they are not asking for the removal of all guns. I understand that people need a gun to feel safe or for hunting. What they do not need is an AK-47 that can kill 50 people in 5 seconds. It is unnecessary and excessive.

Our country allows guns to be sold to practically anyone. Even though gun shops carry out background checks when someone is looking to buy a gun, a criminal is still able to buy one through loopholes Congress fails to fill. No background checks are required by the United States government when buying a gun online, through a private party, or at gun shows. Currently, only nine states require and enforce that all gun sales have a background check before the sale is finalized, according to Giffords Law Center. Through these ways, criminals are able to buy guns legally without government interference, resulting in gun activity not being stopped by our government.

America needs tighter gun laws. With nothing changing, America is saying it is okay for people to die. Do you think it is okay for people to die just because someone wants to keep their AK-47? If the answer to that is yes, then you need to redefine your morals. It is never, I repeat never, okay for anyone to die because you want to be selfish. Nobody needs an automatic gun sitting in their home, gathering dust, until one day someone dies because of it. If massive amounts of murder is not enough for you to want change, then what is?


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