Students collaborate to create the annual Thanksgiving Prayer Service

By J1 Reporter Kaji Loro

The Marian Mime Troupe act out Genesis 22 for their annual Thanksgiving performance. Photo by Anna Kilzer.

The entire school is gathered in the gym as the Acapella Club harmonizes in their rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror.” It’s two days before Thanksgiving and Anna Kolterman ’94 has the opportunity to watch what the Faith in Action Team (FIAT) has been planning for weeks: the annual Thanksgiving Prayer Service.

It’s a shorter service than previous years, but it allows for many Marian clubs to show what they’ve been working on all year. Among these clubs were the Acapella Club, Marian Mime Troupe, several language clubs and classes, the Marian Band, Slam Poetry Club, and the Decade Darlings. Several Marian teachers and students also led the school in various prayers.

The Mime Troupe performed Genesis 22, prompting laughter and applause from the audience. “We all brainstorm ideas for what [Bible verse we want] to do,” Olivia Raemakers ‘19 said. “Mama D gives us the ‘yay or nay’ and then we create it. […] The ideas normally just come to us.” The group spent two practices perfecting the performance and their hard work showed.

Students also listened intently as the language clubs and classes offered prayers in their respective languages. The “Hail Mary” was prayed by the French club, the “Ave Maria” by the Latin IV class, the “Glory Be” by the Mandarin class, and the “Our Father” was led by the Spanish Club.

Other contributions to the prayer service included the Marian band led by Mr. Paul Niedbalski in a reflection piece titled “Canzon per Sonare #4.” They had practiced for two weeks in preparation of the service.

Later on in the service, Courtney Kilroy ‘18 represented the Slam Poetry Club with a poem about her sister that resonated strongly with the entire crowd. She had written the poem when given the prompt of “vivid imagery,” and volunteered to perform it at the service. “I’m never not nervous when performing a piece I’ve written,” Kilroy said. “Even in a room full of Marian girls, who are frankly the most supportive people in the world, I’m still essentially sharing an intimate part of my life with a large group of people. I feel very vulnerable when I’m performing, but also very empowered.”

The Decade Darlings closed the service by leading the school in the Memorare. “I’m always really proud of all of the girls for the time and effort they put in to prepare something special for the Marian community,” Kolterman said.

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