Exclusive Trader Joe’s finds do not disappoint

Review by Lily Blake

If I know one thing for certain, it is that I am a foodie. Whether I am out at a restaurant inquiring about the menu, or at home trying a new recipe, good food is my haven in this world. I love everything from French escargot to Korean pork belly; the phrase “picky eater” is simply not in my vocabulary.

So you can imagine, when I walk into the doors of a grocery store, it is like I have struck gold. Trader Joe’s especially, makes every bone inside of me quake with excitement. The $5 flowers at the entrance of the store, the constant flow of delicious samples and the wide variation of delicious produce and premade food makes my little foodie heart boil over with joy.

As I paced the aisles of the store, my eyes feasted upon a plethora of foods I was dying to try, however for the sake of timeliness, I only picked up four goodies. I selected Cookie Butter Sandwich Cookies, Meyer Lemon Cookie Thins, TomatoBasil Hummus and Creamy Tomato Soup Flavored Crackers. With a watering mouth and a grumbling stomach, I was ready to devour my snacks.

The first thing I tried was the Cookie Butter Sandwich Cookies. They came in a package of 20 for $3.99. I will be honest; they were not my favorite. The cookie itself is essentially a heap of Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter, sandwiched in between two shortbread cookies. Cookie Butter is a gingerbread and spice flavored spread that is found exclusively at Trader Joe’s. I am a big fan of Cookie Butter alone, however I found the shortbread cookie butter combo, a little too heavy and dense. The dryness of the shortbread and stickiness of the Cookie Butter made me reach for a tall glass of water, even though the flavor was quite nice. The usual strong notes of cinnamon and nutmeg found in the Cookie Butter were toned down by the shortbread which made for a perfect flavor ratio. So overall, if you are looking for a mildly flavored, rich cookie, the Cookie Butter Sandwich Cookies from Trader Joe’s are certainly for you.IMG-6199.JPG

My sweet tooth also found its way to the Meyer Lemon Cookie Thins which were absolutely phenomenal. They came in a package of 80 for $3.99.The cookie is an extremely thin wafer with strong notes of lemon. This lemon flavor however, is not overly sweet, but just the right combination of sweet, sour and bitter. Personally, I think these certainly are a tea party must-have.IMG-6197.JPG

As I was aimlessly wandering the isles of this beloved grocery store, I came across a box that said “Creamy Tomato Soup Seasoned Crackers.” I was intrigued. How could a cracker be creamy? Almost instantly, I picked up the box and added it to my basket. These crackers came in a package of about 45 crackers for $1.99. These crackers are made with brown rice and oats and they are coated in a dusting of tomato soup seasoning. They truly do taste just like tomato soup which I found very delicious. The seasoning was salted just right and left me licking my fingers after each and every bite.IMG-6196.JPG

One thing that I have loved about Trader Joe’s since their doors opened in 2010, is their expansive hummus selection. From plain ol’ hummus to edamame hummus, they truly have everything you could possibly imagine in a chickpea blend. This time, I went for the tomato basil hummus and it did not disappoint. One tub of hummus went for $1.99. It had a strong punch of that tomato flavor we all know and love, while still including notes of basil. This dip also has strong notes of garlic which, I personally, am very into. I tried this dip with the tomato soup crackers and let me tell you, it was an out of body experience. The second the hummus touched the edge of the cracker, I heard a harmony escaping the snack, which I quickly devoured.IMG-6198.JPG

Per usual, my trip to Trader Joe’s was very successful and I will certainly be back to fill up another basket.

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