ACT horror stories

“I went to UNO to take the ACT. I got there really early so I could talk to my friends and prepare for the test. Once they started calling people in the testing rooms I realized I left my license at home. Fortunately I live about 2 minutes away from UNO, but when my mom came and brought my license to me, she was very displeased with me. After my post-ACT nap, I bought my mom lunch as repayment.” – Kathryn Burbach ’18

“My parents wanted to drive me to my first ACT so I let them. I was also super scared of my phone going off so I left it at home. Fast forward to the end of the test, my room finished super fast and I got done an hour and a half before my parents were supposed to pick me up. I had to wait 45 minutes before another room got out so I could ask another Marian girl to let me borrow her phone to call my parents.” – Anna Swoboda ’18

“I had to take the ACT once in 7th grade through the Duke TIP program, but I was CLUELESS. I walked in and had no idea what was going on. When it was time for the science portion, I  thought it was going to be more than just graphs. I read all the information and tried to understand science and guessed on all 40 questions.”- Shruthi Kumar ‘20

“I actually hadn’t seen my real ID in months, so was planning to use my school ID, but that happened to be MIA. I was going to have to use my passport as identification, so next morning I walk into Skutt to sign in and realize I didn’t have my passport with me. I quickly went back to search my car, it wasn’t there. I was about to drive home when I saw something blue in snow. I go over to pile of snow only to find my passport buried and wet underneath.”- Abby Butler ‘19Unknown


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