The plaid uniform skirt is a Marian girl’s best friend

Opinion by Shannon McSweeney ’18shannonpolaroid

My morning routine includes the following: wake up at 6:00 to “Imma Be” by the Black Eyed Peas, go on Twitter, realize it’s 6:40 and I have to pick my carpools up in five minutes, brush my teeth, say goodbye to my mom and dogs and finally leave for school. The only reason I don’t get to school 20 minutes late every day is because I don’t have to dedicate any time to choosing an outfit for the day. This is why I love my uniform.

The Marian staple that is royal blue and plaid is an underappreciated blessing in every Marian girl’s life. If I had to find an outfit to wear every single day, I would probably go insane, mostly because my only shirts are Spirit Day shirts. The fact that I have clothes already picked out for me in the morning is one item to cross off my to-do list.

Let’s talk about the uniform. The blue polo is comfy enough to double as pajamas and sleep in (which I am guilty of) and I can choose between a skirt and a skort to show your individual style. I can also throw on a cardigan or a black sweater if we want to get a little dressed up, or a blue quarter zip if the third floor teachers decide to make their classrooms an Arctic tundra (as they often do). There are enough options to add some personalization to make your uniform unique, but not enough to stress about what to wear. It’s a win-win situation.

When I walk into Marian at the crack of dawn, it calms me to know that everyone will be dressed similarly, because that means I don’t have to spend time complimenting everyone’s outfits. If we wore real-people clothes, it would take forever to start class because everyone would be showering everyone else in compliments because Marian girls are too darn nice. Seriously, if you ever need a confidence boost, walk through any hall at Marian with a new accessory or hairstyle and I guarantee you’ll get at least three compliments.

There may be downsides to having a uniform, the biggest one being I don’t own non-Marian clothes and apparently it would be weird to wear my skort in college, but the royal blue outfit we all wear creates a sense of community in our school. I love having a pocket on the right side but not on the left, popping the collar on my polo and having the best style of any school on 74th Street.

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