Marian arts ignite, inspire

At a school like Marian, where every girl is involved in some way, it can be difficult to recognize all of the talents in this building. From show choir to mock trial to art classes, Marian is truly bursting at the seams with unique, dedicated and capable young women. Marian has been nationally recognized for the phenomenal works of students enrolled in art classes, granted special rights to musicals like “The Little Mermaid,” and won speech tournaments because of this incredible talent and dedication.

Marian art students spend countless hours improving their technique and pairing it with unbridled creativity to create the masterpieces that line the walls of the Quad and shelves of display cases outside the art classrooms. These pieces have won countless awards each year at Nebraska Art Scholastics and, perhaps more importantly, inspire the Marian community.

Marian music students, from show choir to band to Women’s Select Choir, dedicate hours of practice to honing their playing and singing skills. They never fail to delight the Marian community and competition judges.

Marian’s musicals and plays showcase sets crafted by student artists, the music of many talented musicians as well as convincing and earnest student actors.

Marian’s speech team forges a strong intellectual reputation for Marian with their educated, entertaining and articulate presentations. Marian’s mock trial team showcases some of Marian’s sharpest minds with an extensive knowledge of law practices and how to excel in a debate like no other.

Despite the incredible talent shown at these events, there are typically few members of the student body in attendance, just like at regular season sporting events.  The talent our students hold is so immense and it’s time we show their efforts the support they deserve. The Marian student body must hold ourselves accountable for helping the Marian Arts Department thrive by going to the musical, choir concerts, mock trial competitions, speech and Burn showcases, orchestra and band performances, and more. Even if you can’t physically make it to each event, we as a collective whole need to congratulate our peers on their successes and encourage their pursuits of achieving great things. It is truly the small acts that make each person in this building feel valued and supported.

Here at The Network, we want to make it even easier for you. We endeavor to cover and support Marian’s many artistically talented students and their endeavors. We hope you will join us on this mission and cheer on your friends of all talents, as they all help make Marian, and the world, a more interesting place.

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