Feichtinger ’06 elected to Metro Board

Ellie Farner

Erin Feichtinger ’06 is a new member of the Metropolitan Community College Board of Governors, representing District 2. Feichtinger beat incumbent Brad Ashby during the midterm elections on Nov. 6.

At Marian, Feichtinger was a class officer as well as an opinion editor for the Network. Marian helped prepare Feichtinger for life after high school as well as her campaign for Metro Board. “[At Marian] I felt really supported in the stuff that I like doing. I like to read and I like to write and I like to do creative things and I was allowed to do all those things without judgement. That was really valuable to me,” Feichtinger said. “I think people respect me and respond to me because I’m never faking who I am and that’s really important to me as a guiding principle in how I live my life, and that’s something that was encouraged and fostered and grew here at Marian.”

After attending Marian, Feichtinger received a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education from Loyola University of Chicago and her Ph.D. in Transnational Urban History. Aside from now being on the Metro Board, Feichtinger is the Community Outreach and Advocacy Coordinator for Together Inc., a social service agency in Omaha. “The main part of my job is developing relationships with policy makers so that when they go to make decisions, they keep the people that we serve in mind,” Feichtinger said.


Before deciding to run for the Metropolitan Community College Board of Governors, Feichtinger did lots of research into the position and decided she had to run for the board. “After all of that I was like ‘Well, there’s no way I can’t run.’ I am a firm believer that education is the be all and end all of our society. I believe that community college is the future because college continues to get more expensive and will soon basically only be the purview of the elite, which doesn’t create a more equitable society.”

Feichtinger has a passion and dedication for serving those less fortunate, which shows in her goals for her future years on the Metro Board. “I just want to make sure that these four years that I’ll be serving on the board are making actual steps towards progress and change and creating a more equal society through education,” Feichtinger said.

“My two general driving principles are: how do we create a more equal society and how do we change the conversation about poverty and need in our community. That’s pretty much what I think about all the time,” Feichtinger said. One of her goals is to make sure that Metro stays accessible for everyone by keeping it affordable.      

Feichtinger has such a devotion to helping others and creating a more equal society. Her new position on the Metro Board serves as a way to make a difference in the community that she loves so much.

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