Social media: Burden or a gift to today’s teens?


Curious corner with Clara by J1 Reporter Clara Neary

These days everyone uses social media. I am guilty of it. So is every other Marian girl and teenager. We use it to express ourselves, but in a very public way. It has grown so much over the past few years. Everyone wants to be on it, whether it be for good or bad reasons.

Social media has its perks. You can have more friends and see what the world is doing. You can follow celebrities and go through their lives with them. You can post what you want the world to see and know about you.

A positive that I believe everyone can benefit from is the ability to communicate all the time. Since everyone I know is always busy, social media creates a way for me to communicate with them. Social media can also let people’s voices be heard. With all the hashtags and movements that are happening in today’s world, it easy for people to voice their opinions, good or bad.

Social media also has a downside. People can get catfished (otherwise known as being lied to) or worse, kidnapped. It makes it easy for predators to stalk innocent people and follow their every move. Social media can also lower a person’s self esteem. With all of the models posting photos on the media, it can make teenage girls feel bad about themselves. I, for one, know that when I am scrolling through Instagram and see a whole bunch of tiny girls in swimsuits, I can become self conscious. Social media sets a standard that seems impossible to meet. Perfect hair, perfect body, perfect life: these things are unrealistic, but it still is the expectation among young women.

Social media is great for connecting with others, but it will always have a downside. It’s doing good for people with businesses, helping them get a following and customers in their store. It also helps dangerous people stalk innocent people. Social media continues to benefit and burden people’s lives.

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