Cathartic ‘Word Vomit’: Senior shares her poetic passion

Joey Carollo

Everyone has their own methods of coping with stress whether that be a nap, listening to music or even running. But for senior Clara Roth, her outlet is poetry. Roth has been writing poems throughout high school with the inspiration and encouragement from her mother, Molly Roth.

In the beginning, Roth’s poetry was just a little light journaling after a long week. But after a few years, her stress-relieving journal has evolved into pages and pages of meaningful poems. Roth said she generally writes more or less depending on how her day went and how she’s feeling.

Since Roth has been writing for a few years, her journals are overflowing with an abundance of poems, but she says her favorites are those that no one has actually seen. “I don’t have a certain piece that is my favorite, but I love the poems that I keep to myself and not let anyone else see. It means more to me when I write it for myself and not for others,” Roth said.

clara journal pic

Roth acknowledges her flaws in her poetry and knows she is not a professional, but to her, it doesn’t matter. It is a way to compile her “word vomit” into something beautiful.

Roth says, “Poetry is a way for me to feel whole and to hone in on my thoughts and make something beautiful out of it. I am not an expert in any way, but poetry is my escape from the world, and it helps me cope with almost anything and everything.”

Roth’s poetry has been featured in Marian’s Literary Magazine, Burn. Her latest poem in the magazine was titled ‘Silence’. Burn magazine has a spring submission deadline of Friday, Feb. 8. Roth plans to submit at least 2 poems for consideration.

In the latest Network survey, Roth was one of 26 students who say they are poets.  Along with personal poetry, Marian’s English curriculum has a poetry component in the first three levels of class, which includes writing and reading various types of poetry.

Roth hopes this is only the beginning of her poetry career. In her future, she aspires to spread her therapeutic ‘word vomit’ to as many as possible.

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