Burn magazine Spring Showcase in full bloom

By J1 Reporter Bella Syslo

Marian’s beloved student-produced, artistic magazine is officially back for another vibrant and spring-inspired edition. The pages of Burn magazine have become a tribute to student artists, poets and photographers alike and have inspired girls to channel their creative sides.

Sophomore Ellie Kripal’s watercolor artwork, a picturesque Taiwanese cityscape, will be featured in the upcoming edition of Burn.

The Burn staff has been working since the beginning of the second semester to deliver the works of their peers to the Marian community. Junior Editor Chloe Herbert said that the making of the magazine is where the true magic happens. Herbert says, “There are a lot of hours and work that go into a publication of the magazine. We go through hundreds of photos, critiquing and getting our spreads distributed.” With Marian girls agonizing over the wait for summer and warmer weather, the staff looked to capture the turn to springtime with lots of bright colors, cheerful designs and energizing spreads.

Burn also aims to celebrate the diverse and passionate works of all Marian girls. For this edition, 227 submissions were received and carefully surveyed by the staff. Of those submitted, there were 176 works of art and photography and 51 of poetry.

“We love to see the creative pieces of artwork, poetry or anything else of that genre in our submissions. When someone puts so much hard work into something, you can tell! We love to see things that make you think for just a bit longer,” Herbert said. Herbert says Burn is a safe place where all forms of artwork are welcome and those artworks featured in the magazine are “endlessly celebrated.”

Sophomore Ellie Kripal’s watercolor artwork, a picturesque Taiwanese cityscape, will be featured in the upcoming edition of Burn.Sophomore Burn staff member Ellie Kripal has two works of art featured in the magazine set to distribute May 15. Her two watercolor paintings will make their grand debut amongst the pages of this edition. Kripal, with her second feature in Burn under her belt, is excited to let her classmates see all her hard work.“I’m excited for the Showcase because I’ve been before and it was a ton of fun,” Kripal said. “I love seeing the all the pieces [featured] and being able to see how much time and effort was put into the original works.”

The works featured in this Spring edition can be celebrated by the community on May 14 from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the PAC auditorium. The showcase is filled with displays of every work featured in the magazine and involves all areas of student life. “Showcase night is always a blast because we get all the girls who were featured to hand in their original artworks and photographs and display them on easels, like one big show-and-tell! The girls who submitted poetry usually stand up and recite their poems, and even band and orchestra girls volunteer to play for our guests. It’s kind of like a relaxed hang out to just eat cookies and celebrate creativity!” Herbert always looks forward to the showcase, but this year it means turning a new leaf. At the showcase, Herbert will hand in her title of Junior Editor for the role of Co-Editor. Herbert, working on the staff since the beginning of her sophomore year, is excited to spend her senior year designing the pages of Burn one last time.


Burn Magazine’s website: burnmagazineonline.wordpress.com

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