New cafeteria brings updates, new and improved fresh food


Lunch is arguably the most important part of the school day. During the summer, Marian made changes to both the lunch menu and cafeteria for the upcoming school year. Because the renovations to the cafeteria were so extensive, it will not be open until Aug. 26. If you still would like to buy lunch beforehand, a variety of food trucks will be available to choose from with cash only transactions. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors will eat their lunch in the West gym and Seniors will eat in the Quad as usual.


There are also going to be more than seven new menu options for students to choose from, including teriyaki rice bowls and shrimp alfredo.

Link to the student daily bulletin for menu options and specials.

“We will have more healthy options for students and faculty, which we believe will further our wellness efforts building-wide,” Principal Susie Sullivan said. Some other options are orange chicken, boneless chicken wings, fresh potato wedges, Italian chicken with vegetables, and crispy chicken wraps.

Along with new meals, the renovations are also going to make buying lunch itself easier. There will be two separate lunch lines and checkout stations (freshmen and sophomores in one line and juniors and seniors in the other). Two “grab and go” spaces with yogurt parfaits, salads, wraps and beverages will also speed up the time it takes to get your lunch each day.


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