The affects of Walk-A-Thon on cherished Field Day

By JI Reporter Sylvia Poulos

                Throughout the school year, many events are hosted at Marian.  However, when August comes around, the annual fundraisers begin.  The Walk-A-Thon event possibly holds the most importance for Marian students.  Not only do the donations go towards tuition assistance and Surprise Day, but they also drastically impact Field Day.  Field Day is Marian’s “most cherished” event, a long standing tradition. Even though it is only one day of the year, there are weeks of preparation leading up to it. 

           Field day takes place around the end of April at the Baxter Arena.  It is a student led and choreographed routine the classes perform. The overall experience of Field Day is that the girls learn to include the six core values (Service, Marian Identity, Compassion, Community, Spirituality and Empowerment) into the performance.  Throughout the process of it all, students learn to be independent and resourceful.  

Junior Callie Cavanaugh celebrates the completion of Walk-A-Thon.

         The results of Walk-A-Thon affect Field Day once the money is collected.  Whichever class raises the highest amount or beats their overall goal gets first pick in Color Block.  Color Block is the event when each class discovers where they stand in Boss Points and disciplinary points, and decide who gets first pick of actual colors. The Walk-A-Thon fundraiser might not seem too impactful, but according to Junior Class Officer, Cydney Putnam, “Depending on the place we get, we have to make sure our theme can fit with the colors chosen.”

        The deciding of colors is “difficult,” due to the fact that, “you want to do well on the first round of picking colors; if another grade has the same theme as you, they could pick the more fitting ones before your class depending on the WAT results,” explains senior Stevie Salerno. The goal of Walk-A-Thon for any students is to give the class an advantage when the March color block comes around.       

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