Coffee cart disappoints

By J1 Reporter Sophie Stevens 

As the students of Marian woke up on Friday, Sept. 20, they woke up to a disappointing email. At 5:17 a.m all students received an email to let them know that the coffee cart, expected to be at Marian, would not be arriving. 

Typically most Marian girls do not get out of their bed and check their emails after a long night of studying, therefore most girls did not know the coffee cart was not expected to come. So most girls skipped their morning routine of going to Dunkin Donuts or any other coffee place, expecting to buy from the coffee cart. “I passed three Dunkins on the way to school and even brought $5 for some coffee,” junior Lexxi Olsen said. Olsen said she was very disappointed and sad about not having her daily coffee.


The coffee that could have been.


Ms. Jessica Abel, Student Board co-moderator said, “It is very unlike them to cancel, it must have been a big emergency.’’ She also mentioned that they have a very small amount of staff, and when something big comes up, they don’t have enough staff to cover both places. Most girls that morning, instead of going to Dunkin’, went to the freshman bake sale. The coffee cart not showing up could have been the reason the freshman made $900+ at their bake sale. In the end, Marian girls got through their day without their daily dose of coffee, and still met the all school Walk-A-Thon goal. 

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