Private versus public school fundraising disparities

By J1 Reporter Pangaea Kaan

A school’s method to attain money can vary throughout each building and each district, but one course of action is present throughout all educational institutions, fundraising. Fundraising demonstrates the difference in financial affairs between two types of education systems: public and private. Marian holds about four-to-five large fundraisers per school year, which help to rebuild older parts of the school, but mostly aid in lowering tuition for the girls at the school.

 “We are trying to cover the cost to educate each student,” said Mrs. Susan Rosenlof, marketing and communications director, at Marian “The cost to educate each student is about $2,000 more than what a paid tuition would be.” This $2,000 is brought in through fundraisers, specifically through the only student-led fundraiser, Walk-A-Thon(WAT). She continues “Walk-A-Thon allows us to save money throughout the school, along with other fundraising. However, WAT allows our students to participate in their own education, which can be a great incentive.” 

In comparison to private schools, public school fundraising demonstrates minute differences. South Magnet High School is one example of the differences in fundraising between the two educational platforms.

Instead of having whole school fundraisers, each group, club, and sport has to find their own ways to make money. “Fundraising money is used for payments toward cheer uniforms, travel for an organization, team bonding functions,” said Ms. Karen Ratajski, South Magnet High School’s treasurer, “basically anything the group wants that the school does not cover that is approved by our principal.” 

Most, if not all fundraisers conducted in public schools are on a smaller scale are for specific group benefits, instead of benefiting the whole school. “Depending on the size of the group and what type of fundraiser… at anytime there can be three or more fundraisers going at a time. All students in the group must participate in order to be able to share in the profits,” Ratajski said. One type of fundraiser South conducts is a bake sale lead by the cheerleaders in order to raise money for their team.

Despite the differences in reasons for fundraising, such as tuition costs for private schools and tax dollars for public schools, there are no other large disparities between the two platforms. 

Marian girls celebrate at the Color Dance Party on Sept. 27 after Walk-A-Thon



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