Behind the making of the Walk-A-Thon T-shirt

By J1 Reporter Natalie Cusick

  The Walk-A-Thon T-shirt may just be another Marian shirt thrown in the bottom of a drawer, but there is actually an entire process behind the making of it. 

“We met in early August as Stubo and did a mailing out to a whole list of corporate sponsors that we reach out to,” Student Board co- moderator Mrs. Beth Dye said. After the letters were sent out, every member of Stubo then made follow-up calls to secure the donations, which brought in about $2,500. The money collected from sponsors covers the cost of the T-shirts, as well as the color packets. 

      Senior Lucy O’Brien, the Vice President of StuBo, was in charge of Walk-A-Thon this year. Her role included designing the annual WAT T-shirt, which she made on a website called Graphic Edge. “Over the summer I contacted Maeve Nelson [Marian alumna] and she really helped with the T-shirts,” O’Brien said. Thanks to O’Brien, the entire Student Board, and multiple sponsors, every Marian girl received a new T-shirt to cover in color on September 27.

Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 11.46.15 AM.pngMoira Hale ‘21 and Bridget Gerards ‘21 show off their new T-shirts before the walk. Photo courtesy of Anna Kidder ‘21.

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