Who to avoid when asking for donations

By J1 reporter Lexxi Olsen

Each year, Marian holds its annual Walk-A-Thon, its own student-led fundraiser. Students go money-hunting for a total of four weeks competing to raise more than the other classes. It is not as easy as it sounds. 

Walk-A-Thon brings a lot of obstacles and one of them is being told “NO!”

When collecting donations, it’s common to get turned down. Although students know Walk-A-Thon is an exciting event, a big part of the process is getting rejected when asking strangers and neighbors for money.

For years, girls went door-to-door asking their neighbors for donations. By the time they are sophomores, juniors and seniors, they are considered professionals. But, have they figured out who not to ask?

Junior Rachel Achola said, “Certain people are more likely to say no if they are sending their daughter to a different Catholic school, because I ran into the problem a lot where their daughter would go to Duchesne or Mercy, and they wouldn’t want to donate to Marian.”

Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 1.45.41 PM
Marian students at the Walk-A-Thon dance party after they walked their assigned mileage.

Sophomore Grayce Olsen had a similar response. She said, “I would say to avoid anyone who already has a daughter attending a Catholic high school.”

Many students give a similar answer and claim that parents or grandparents with children in any Catholic school were likely to say no, because their money was going to their own child. Going door-to-door for only 10 minutes can teach students much, like discovering who to ask for money and how to respond when rejected..


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