New guitar class enriches Fine Arts Department

By J1 Reporter Frannie Cihunka


       Marian’s Fine Arts Department has a wide variety of classes and activities, from the Fall Musical to a handbells class. This year, the department added a Guitar I class taught by the new instrumental music teacher, Mrs. Stephanie Dickes. 

        In the semester long course, Dickes said the students will learn the “basics of holding the guitar, learning the parts and the strings. They slowly go through the basic chords until they’ve built enough in their knowledge to play most songs.” Dickes said students also learn how to play the ukulele and bass guitar in the course so the students have a solid foundation to continue to build on.

        The class is open to all grades. The current class has four seniors, seven sophomores and three freshmen. Senior Sara Lighthart, who already knew some of the basics of guitar, said, “I decided to take the class because … it’s hard to find time in my hectic days to play, so having time to set aside is quite nice and gives me time to better my skills.” 

        According to Lighthart, each class begins with tuning guitars and practicing songs they’ve been working on. The songs they’ve been working on contain the skills and chords they have been learning. Then, they end class with a popular song everyone knows. “It’s just a nice wrap up to the block!” Lighthart said.

         This semester’s class will be showcasing their newly acquired skills in this year’s Christmas concert on Dec. 8, in which they will perform three songs. Dickes also said to look out for some other guitar performances that could pop up throughout the year.  

        Next year, the Fine Arts Department will have both Guitar I and II. Lighthart believes learning music is important, and said, “Guitar is something you can do for your whole life. I think music is a primary influence in our everyday life and as a society who enjoys the art of music, it’s imperative that we appreciate it to the fullest by understanding the skill and craft behind the art.”

       If Marian students are interested in an instrumental music class, they are encouraged to visit with Mrs. Dickes.  The music classroom is in the Performing Arts Center. 

From left to right, Marianna Rosas, Amaya Bang Hedon, Maria Cruz and Sara Lighthart practice together on Oct. 30. Photo by Lauren Zadalis



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