Walk-A-Thon Results in 2020 vs. Past Years

By J1 Reporters Danielle Carrol and Fiona Gautschi 

The East gym is filled with anticipation and excitement; the Class Officers are about to open the Walk-A-Thon (WAT) envelopes and reveal the class totals.  The results are disclosed, and cheering and stomping from the bleachers ring throughout the gym. 

Picture of students opening their WAT results in Fall 2019. Photo by Daisy Owen.

This year there was no cheering or stomping, or any of the usual hype after the class totals were revealed. Student Board has always revealed the places through envelopes, where the class officers open the envelope with their class’s total amount of money raised and reveal the amount to the rest of their class. 

“This has been a Marian WAT tradition for as long as teachers and students can remember, because the Student Board loves the excitement that comes with this tradition and so do the girls at Marian,” Student Board Vice President, Sophie Steffes said.

Ms. Jessica.Abel and Mrs.Beth Dye hold the WAT envelopes for 2019’s WAT assembly. Photo by Daisy Owen.

Due to the current situation with different hybrid scheduling, students are in the building on different days, so there is no way to announce the results to everyone at the same time. According to Ms. Jessica Abel, the student board co-moderator, “emailing the results to the students was a convenient and secure way to make sure all the students knew the results.” 

 A few days prior to WAT, all Marian students received an email with the final WAT results and information about each class’s designated walking time. The emailed results helped spread the information efficiently, but there was not the usual excitement in the building after the results were shared this year.

Screenshot of the results sent by Ms. Abel on Sept. 15, 2020

Cali D’ Agosto ‘22 says she understands that the usual assembly of WAT could not happen this year, but she hopes we will be able to be in the gym again next year. Overall, Marian girls hope to go back to the excitement of opening envelopes and being able to celebrate their results with their class. 

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