There Should be an End to Hunting: Here’s Why

The Inside Scoop

Column By J1 Reporter Elise Moulton

In an industrialized world, hunting is unnecessary. Furthermore, it is unethical to kill animals by hunting. I often think of the comparison between a pet dog and a wild deer. What is the difference between the two? Obviously, you wouldn’t kill your pet dog, so what makes it acceptable to hunt wild deer? It all depends on our values, and how society prioritizes life. 

Delaware Action for Animals reports that, on average, 100 million animals are killed each year from hunting. We tend to value things that we have a connection with. Many people consider themselves to be “animal lovers.” If this is true, why is hunting socially acceptable in our community? We should have respect for all animals, not just animals that we have a personal connection with.

One method of hunting is called baiting. Baiting is the use of lures, food, and decoys to attract animals to a certain area. This is incredibly unethical and unjust because humans have an extremely unfair advantage over animals. Humans are intellectually superior to animals because we have advanced tools to kill innocent animals. However, society accepts it as a norm. 

A common argument promoting hunting is that it keeps the animal population under control. However, the world is not ours to dominate. If we didn’t hunt, there would be other means of population control that would happen naturally. For example, there are different methods of reproductive control. Mankind does not need to dictate nature. 

I would never be able to pick up a gun, shoot an animal, and feel pride or satisfaction about what I had just done. In fact, I would most likely feel a deep sense of resentment, regret, and discontent. This is why I still cannot understand why people hunt animals, and enjoy doing so. 

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