Students to kick off this year ‘Footloose’ style


The new school year typically starts off with auditions for the fall musical. This year Marian will be putting on the production “Footloose”. Marian performed “Footloose” in the fall of 2011. The musical is based on the 1984 movie starring Kevin Bacon and Lori Singer and the remake that was released in 2011 starring Kenny Wormald and Julianne Hough. Students can stream both versions through Hulu or Amazon. “Footloose” follows a city boy from Chicago as he moves to a small midwestern town where dancing and rock music is illegal. With the help of his new friends, he attempts to change the rules. 

Auditions start on Aug. 16 and end Aug. 19 and will be held in the Kish Auditorium from 4-6:30 pm. Mrs. Michelle Delisi, who has choreographed more than 40 musicals, has a great message for anyone interested in this year’s fall musical. “Students should consider auditioning for “Footloose” because it’s a high-energy musical with great songs and storyline. There is also an opportunity for dancers who are looking just for a dance part,” Delisi said. 

Returning musical member, Cali D’Agosto ’22 is excited for another opportunity to make memories. One memory D’Agosto holds from previous years includes “just sitting before practice after school because everyone in the musicals are so nice and easy to talk to!” D’Agosto said. 

Ms. Madeline Reddel, new fine arts and music instructor

Much like D’Agosto, Bailey Sommer ‘23 also looks forward to this year’s musical. “You are able to find a place that you like whether it’s the lead on the stage or working the spotlight behind the scenes,” Sommer said. 

As Sommer mentioned, there are many behind the scene roles for students interested. For those who love to create, there are many opportunities to help make the sets and props. There are also roles available for students who would like to help with makeup and managing costumes. Finally there is a need for musicians who would like to play in the orchestra. 

Ms. Madeline Reddel is a new face leading behind the scenes. Reddel teaches ballet and tap, and choir, along with directing the show choir vocals in the upcoming musical. Reddel is not only looking forward to getting to know all of her new students, but is also  “pumped to share awesome music with students. We will be singing tons of different styles of music this year so get ready!” Reddel says. Two fun facts to know about Reddel are that she is a triplet and sings around Nebraska in jazz bands during her free time. 

“I’m really excited for our music department to have such a fresh, new energy!” senior Josie Golka said. Golka has had roles in “Freaky Friday” last spring, “White Christmas” in the fall of 2019 and “The Sound of Music” in the fall of 2018.

Golka, like many other students, cannot wait to start a new musical this fall. Questions about auditions or the musical can be answered by Mrs. Delisi. Students can stop by Delisi’s office or email her at . The musical will be performed from Oct. 21 to Oct. 24. Don’t forget to lace up your Sunday shoes for “Footloose” !

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