Stranger Things 4 haunts fans in thrilling two-parter


The year is 1986. Students across the United States are enjoying the freedom of spring break. Long-distance friends reunite for a few days and enemies are made in a matter of seconds. The kids of Hawkins, Indiana are anticipating normalcy, just like the rest of the nation. Then all of a sudden, things turn completely upside down when a series of mysterious murders shake the once peaceful town.

Cast of “Stranger Things” from season 4. Photo source: Netflix.

The series “Stranger Things” follows a group of three teens: Dustin, Lucas and Mike as they try to figure out why and how their friend Will went missing. Along their journey, they meet and recruit many different people to help them solve the mystery of the boy who disappeared while riding home on his bike. Eventually, the story turns out to be much more sinister and bigger than a missing persons case.

“Stranger Things 4” was released on May 27, after a 3-year absence. Creators, the Duffer Brothers, unveiled a different release structure for the fourth season. The first seven episodes were released in Volume 1, and the last two around a month later in Volume 2.

The expanded release format allowed for heightened suspense. During the gap, fans flooded the Internet with their theories. People held on to their favorite characters because no one knew what the fate of them was going to be.

The fourth season was full of exciting new characters and plot twists no one could have seen coming. While each episode is over an hour long, there is never a dull moment on the screen. Each scene holds plot-impacting moments.

Watching the iconic show requires a subscription to Netflix, but fan favorite moments can still be enjoyed through various forms of social media. The fifth and final season is expected to be released in 2024, where fans will say one final goodbye to their favorite characters and the small town of Hawkins for good.

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