Study abroad program provides learning experience in Vietnam


Study abroad programs are a great way of learning while being able to experience the culture of other countries. Those who study abroad typically plan to do so in college. This can create amazing opportunities to meet new people and learn about the customs and traditions of other countries. Although studying abroad is a common experience for college students, high school students often do not get to experience this opportunity.

Marian senior Jessica Gomez took part in the 2022 FutureDocs Abroad program in Hue, Vietnam from July 18 to July 29. During this period, Gomez was able to learn and experience a variety of medical fields while also being immersed in Vietnamese culture.

Jessica Gomez ‘23 learns about different parts of the human body during her study abroad program. Photo courtesy of Gomez.

Gomez found this program through a medical congress that meets virtually twice a year, with doctors talking about their professions. “I saw an advertisement, so I signed up,” Gomez said. The FutureDocs Abroad program invites students to different global locations for an opportunity to study, learn, and interact with other students interested in the medical field.

Monday through Friday, Gomez studied at the Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy (trường đại học y dược huế). During the week, the students were split into groups and rotated twice a day to learn about the different fields of medicine, such as dentistry and family medicine.

The students had Saturdays completely off and were able to explore the downtown areas. Sundays were cultural days where students had traditional Vietnamese food and visited Vietnamese temples. Gomez was also able to dress in traditional Vietnamese garments.

Gomez says her favorite part was “getting to meet people from different states who were also interested in medicine. It was cool because it was hands-on, and in Vietnam, you can have patient interactions.”

Gomez was glad to be able to partake in this unique opportunity since studying abroad is not common for high school students. “I had fun, but I’m glad to be home (in Omaha),” Gomez said.

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