Marian Students Practice Walking Etiquette

by J1 Reporter Reagan Graeve

Throughout the month of September, students in the Marian community raised money for WAT. Short for Walk-A-Thon, the annual tradition helps fund tuition aid for current students as well as students enrolling next year. More than 50% of Marian students receive tuition assistance.

      When the day of Walk-A-Thon finally arrived on Sept. 30, the sun was shining bright and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Marian girls laced up their shoes ready to complete their walk. “Do stretches, eat breakfast, drink water, wear good shoes, and most importantly have a great attitude!” Ms. Esther Hamra, a freshman homeroom teacher from the art department said. Freshman and sophomores were tasked with walking the four miles while juniors and seniors just two. 

       Walking through the neighborhood via North 78th Street to circle back to Marian, girls were instructed to be respectful and considerate of the community surrounding them. To ensure students keep their walking etiquette up for future WAT events, here are some reminders from WikiHow’s How to Practice Side-Walk Etiquette, “Be aware of your surroundings, stick to one side of the sidewalk, avoid using your phone while walking, be respectful of those with visible injuries or disabilities, and don’t stop all of a sudden.”

Junior Emma Sutton says her pet peeve during WAT is, “when people cut each other off on the sidewalk.”

Juniors get excited to walk with their friends for WAT on Sept. 30. Photo by Mbeat team.

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