Jenna Woodard’s Photo Portfolio

By J1 Photographer Jenna Woodard

Portrait of a Person

Ms. Esther Hamra

The Environment



Cartwheel Queen Sophomore Shelby Woodard practices her cartwheeling skills in her front lawn on March 1. She has always enjoyed cartwheeling, though she believed she could definitely use some more practice. 

News/ Feature

GRIT Glory On Feb. 24, Marian senior Erika Ramirez Henríquez receives the honor of being awarded the GRIT scholarship to Creighton University. Ramirez Henríquez posed with Mrs. Michele Ernst, who wrote her a glowing recommendation letter. 


Selfie Jenna


Marian BLUEtique

Animal Portrait


Academic Moment

Take a Shot Journalism I student Lily Biggs tests out her camera skills by photographing a fellow classmate. At the beginning of this semester, Journalism I students entered their photography unit, and have been learning the ins and outs of operating a camera. Biggs is using a tactic of finding a different perspective by standing on a Marian core value pillar outside Marian’s doors.

Marian Core Value

Pottery Project On Jan. 20, Pottery II student, Regina Anyaegbunam, works on her pottery project with intense focus. Semester two Pottery II students worked on a three piece project that was meant to help teach them composition.

Emotional Response

Emotional Embrace On Feb. 24, Senior Erika Ramirez Henríquez hugs Counselor Anna Sparwasser after she has just been awarded the GRIT scholarship to Creighton University. Ramirez Henríquez was given the opportunity of her life with this $ 32,000 scholarship. She was beyond ecstatic to receive this scholarship and became overwhelmed with emotion.

Ethics Statement

As a photographer, my main goal is to represent the world in a realistic light. When taking photos, I will never do anything I deem as unethical. I will never alter my photos or the subjects within them. My focus as a photographer is to encapsulate a moment forever in time so it lasts indefinitely. Photography is a way to express oneself, and I will do so with honesty and integrity. 

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