Maya Zier’s Photo Portfolio


Leyla listening to music in her room.


Lake Tahoe sunset.


Practice Makes Perfect: Leyla Zier shows off her gymnastics skills on her trampoline. Practicing for her state tumbling meet, Leyla showed off her favorite skills.


Say Scholarship! Senior Erika Ramirez-Henriquez is awarded the Grit scholarship! Ramirez-Henriquez was one of four students who were surprised with this outstanding achievement on Feb. 24.


Hollywood Candy




A friendly cardinal enjoying an afternoon snack.

Academic Moment

Scholarship with a Smile: Senior Mary Ambrose shows off her Creighton flag after being awarded the Grit Scholarship on Feb. 24. Ambrose was surprised during her Block C class when she was called to the Marian room.

Marian Spirit

We’ve Got Spirit Yes We Do: The Senior Class of 2023 shows their support for the school at the Gnimocemoh games on Oct. 6. Before the games began, the senior class started off the spirit chant.

Emotional Response

Beaming in 309: Senior Christina Laa shows off her pottery skills in Mrs. Ashley Bauer’s pottery class. Pottery students spend hours in the classroom using their hands to bring their imagination to life.

Ethics Statement: As a photographer, it is my goal to capture moments that show people the uniqueness and special moments of everyday human life. My goals include capturing these images with care and thoughtfulness, to respect people’s time and energy and to care for the people and places in my photos.

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