Reagan Graeve’s Photo Portfolio

Portrait of a Person

Florence D’aquila


Neighborhood Bush

Sports/ Action

News Feature



Pet Portrait


Marian Spirit

Emotional Response

Ethics Statement: As a photographer, I want my photos to reflect experiences in other’s lives to promote new perspectives and authenticity. I want to capture beautiful moments and affect my subjects positively.

3 thoughts on “Reagan Graeve’s Photo Portfolio

  1. Great post
    Senior girls of Marian High School celebrate their 2017-2018 school year with a variety of activities and festivities. From March 14-16, the high school hosted its annual spring break. During this time, the students were allowed to celebrate their academic successes with various events and trips. Some of the highlights of the school year were the annual spring ball and dances, the Carnivore Carnival, and the annual pep rally.


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