Sophia Reinhardt’s Photo Portfolio

Portrait of a person



Yellowstone National Park


Friends Forever
Ali, Conor and John have some fun at the pool during a dive team practice. Summer dive team has been one of their favorite things to do for years and the memories made there last with them for a lifetime.


Hard workers
Juniors Safiyah Taylor and Crystal Gonzalez work on their robot before their matches at the First Tech Challenge Robotics League Championships at Creighton Prep on Jan. 28. Their team, Nacho Typical Team, moved onto the Super Qualification round the following weekend.




Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub

Animal Portrait

Beautiful butterfly sitting on flowers

Academic Moment

Group Work
Juniors Leah Helton and Tori Schenkelberg work on their theology class work in Ms. Sara Greisch’s theology class. This class focuses on morality, and these students are working on identifying moral issues and what could cause them.

Marian Spirit

Juniors Ava Reinert and Hannah Butler hang out together to celebrate Surprise Day on Feb. 27. These two best friends love making new memories together during school events.

Emotional Response

Junior Madi Keasling expresses her excitement after Surprise Day was announced by Mrs. Kris Hennings. She expected the Monday to be like any other day, but was thrilled to find out it was a special day.

Ethics Statement: As a photographer I want to share art and show the realness of the world with others. I strive to spread awareness while respecting the trust people have with me and working with them to tell a story, not against them by taking advantage of their situation. 

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