Julia Trainer’s Photo Portfolio


Maggie Tynan surfs in Elkhorn, Nebraska.


The sunset in Okoboji, Iowa.


Defensive Stance
Paul Trainer guards a player in an eighth grade basketball game at St. Vincent grade school on Feb. 25. The eighth grade St. Robert’s basketball team has gone 8-3 on the season proving the immense talent on their team.


Focusing on perfection.
Junior Taylor Roemmich finishes her mug in Pottery II on Feb 23. The Pottery II students continue to think outside of the box and produce new creations.


The Lumineers concert.


The Grove Juicery.
Starbucks coffee.

Pet Portrait

Theodore the goldendoodle.

Academic Moment

Math on the brain.
Freshman Soledad Peralta answers a question in Algebra I in Mr. Peter Cunningham’s classroom on Feb. 23. The Algebra I students continue to learn and develop in their math careers at Marian High School.

Marian Core Value

Glimpse of Spirituality
The gold cross in Marian’s chapel, glimmers against the reflection of the stained glass on Feb. 23. Marian’s core values are the “core” of the Marian students creating a long lasting foundation in spirituality, community, service, Marian identity, empowerment and compassion.

Emotional Response

Dancing to Taylor.
Juniors Maya Zier and Scarlett Wharton dance to Taylor Swift songs together at the Waiting Room on Feb. 18. Taylor Fest is an excellent way to gather with Taylor Swift’s biggest fans and dance all night long.

Ethics Statement:

As a photographer, I strive to prioritize my duty in respecting the privacy of others, while capturing true and raw moments and emotions. As a photographer, I am aware of the impact I have on photography and impression photography has across the globe. Photography has the ability to showcase many aspects, both good and bad, and I vow to use my privilege of capturing moments with dignity.

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