Mariella Virgillito’s Photo Portfolio

Portrait of a Person


The Environment

Omaha, Nebraska

Sports/Action photo

Bonding with basketball: Junior McKenna Stover passes the ball to sophomore Grace Patterson during the Gretna vs. Marian game. “I love how Marian sports have allowed me to form friendships with teammates that are older and younger than me on and off the court,” Stover said.

News/Feature photo

New coach, new team: Omaha Marian’s varsity basketball coach, Tom Tvrdy, coaches the Crusaders throughout the course of their great season. During a timeout against Gretna High School, Coach Tvrdy instructs the Crusaders on their next play.

Light/Shadow photo

Aragon Ballroom Chicago, Illinois 

Advertising photo

Marian High School’s BLUEtique

Pet or Animal Portrait


Academic Moment 

Passionate pianists: Senior Christina plays the piano during her Block E. Piano is taught by Marian’s Mrs. Stephanie Dickes in the Performing Arts Center (PAC).

Marian Spirit or Core Value

Teamwork makes the teamwork: Juniors Lexi Cowels and Taylor Roemmich assist one another in their Block E Pottery II class taught by Mrs. Ashley Bauer. Marian spirit is displayed through the selflessness and encouragement of classmates. 

Emotional Response

Hilarious homework: Alexa laughs as she completes her math homework. She works her homework every day with her twin sister, Talia.

Ethics Statement

It is important to me, as a photographer, to capture raw images, to convey a respectful and informing story, with the consent of my subject.

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