Olivia Franklin’s Photo Portfolio


Madison Stover ‘24.

The environment

Riviera Beach in Palm Beach, Florida

Sports/ action moment

Touchdown: Students in Block H Team sports enjoy a round of flag football. Students enjoyed numerous lessons on sports, taught by Mrs. Beth Dye.

News/ feature story

Zamera Issaka ‘23 gets her face painted. Students enjoyed getting their face painted on Surprise Day on Feb. 27.

Light/ photo

Sunset on Feb. 28



Pet portrait


Academic moment

Bonjour: Juniors in French III take notes and enjoy listening to French music. Students listened to two songs and voted which was the best.

Marian Spirit

Smiles for Surprise Day: Students T’Kaia ‘24, Tee ‘24, and Katherine’24 smile after the announcement of Surprise Day. Having Surprise Day on a Monday half day (Feb. 27) was a surprise for almost everyone.

Emotional response

3.2. 1…. Students wait to be dismissed to enjoy the actives during Surprise Day on Feb. 27. Students enjoyed activities such as laser tag, hamster ball racing, and bouncy houses.

Ethics statement:

As a I grow as a photographer, I strive to take honest photos with integrity. I will not morph the image to create unrealistic standards. I will try to present every photo accurately and not try to disrespect the people or events that I photograph.

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