Scarlett Henery’s Photo Portfolio

Portrait of a Person

Elise Rose

Bird feeder


Grind Time: The weight training class gets on their grind during Block A on Wednesday, March 1. Girls did a series of training exercises they cycled through during class.


Get groovy: Marian’s jukebox, new this year, shows off its colors in the cafeteria. The iconic jukebox made a return this fall after many years without one.




Marian’s cafeteria drink options

Pet portrait


Academic moment

Lexi Cowles ‘24 finishes up her mug made in Mrs. Ashley Bauer’s pottery class. On Wednesday, March 1, students readied up their designs in order to put them in the kiln the following class.

Marian spirit

Hola Chicas: Olivia ‘24 and Ruthie ‘24 “hug it out” after an intense game of bop it in Spanish teacher Señor Franco’s class. Students use this game as a brain break to have little fun in class.

Emotional response

Paparazzi: Brooke Herdzina ‘24 is absolutely flabbergasted after seeing a camera in her face. Brooke is up and at ‘em on the early morning of March 3. She is ready to make the long trek up soph lot that so many Marian students dread.

Ethics statement

As a photographer I take pictures to capture the raw emotions and beautiful moments people can remember forever. It’s an exciting experience to be able to create a photo that tells a story. In order to keep genuine pictures, I believe it’s important to not influence the people or things in my pictures, but to only take real, candid photos. I will continue to hold responsibility for all my photos and keep my ethics in check when putting them out to the public.

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