Ruthie’s Portfolio

Journalism I Photo Portfolio by Ruthie Barrett


Tom Barrett


View of Seine River at Sunset with Eiffel Tower in the back


A student in Weight Training pitches the ball to the kicker during a game of kickball. Marian girls get very familiar with the game of kickball during their four years, and of course there is a lot of competition. 


Spanish I students playing bop-it in Senor Franco’s class. Señor J.P. Franco has brain breaks or pausas built in to every class period where girls can take a break from learning to have some fun. 


Orchid shadow on wall


Hydroflask Water bottle

Pet Portrait


Academic Portrait

Freshman Soledad P. discusses a question with her classmate in Mr. Peter Cunningham’s Algebra 1 class. Mr. Cunningham teaches a majority of the freshmen and his class largely focuses on discussion with classmates to help understand the core concepts. 

Marian Spirit/Core Value

Celebrate! Spanish I girls celebrate together after answering a question correctly. As students move through their time at Marian, they learn to know what it means to be part of a community. 

Emotional Response

Success! Señor Franco pumps his fist in victory after successfully completing his turn on the Bop-it. It is rare to get through a class of Señor Franco’s without him pulling out the timeless game and it has become an iconic part of his class. 

My Ethics Statement

As a photographer, I have a duty to respect the privacy and dignity of the people I photograph. I strive to accurately represent the people or moments I am capturing. I consider the impact of my work on society and the consequences the photos could have, good or bad. I strive to use my work to bring positive change to the world.

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