Ellie Fogarty’s Photo Portfolio


Twelve Year Old Ava Owen

Light/shadow photo

Billie Eilish

Pet portrait 

Fitz Fogarty 

Emotional response 

Everlasting Family Memories

Marian Grandma Colleen Fogarty arrives back in Ireland to celebrate her heritage and 50 years of marriage with her Husband. As she reminisces on her past trips to Ireland she shares story’s with her seven grandchildren, forever remembering the importance of family history.

Academic moment 

Left Handed

Sophomore Claire Behen lets out a smile while completing an assignment for Art Foundations class. Behen focuses hard as she creates a unique piece of art. This course was taught by Mrs. Kris Calhoun.


I See Green

Inch Beach in Kerry, Ireland

Sports and action 

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot!

Friendly competitors Brynn Ullerich and Sofia Pantano compete for the first serve in badminton. Although they’re both competing, a smile is brought to each of their faces before the game.

News/Feature photos 

Victory Will Be Our Battle Call. Junior class officers Caitlyn Dunham, Maggie McGill, Ruthie Barrett, and Mariella Virgillito form a tunnel to cheer on volleyball contender Rory Brennan. Brennan runs through the tunnel with excitement ready to represent the junior class.

Advertising photo 

Dad’s Louisville Slugger

Marian spirit 

The Juniors Score

Lauren Helton, Phoebe Meier and Ellie Smith are joined by their fellow classmates in celebration of the student versus teacher volleyball game. Although the juniors were losing, they cheered on their classmates and made the most of the event.

Photo Ethics statement

The foundation of my photographs is rooted in the honesty of human life. 

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