Staff Speaks: Embrace true Field Day Spirit

The most wonderful time of the year is fast approaching! Not Christmas, not summer, but Field Day season. We all know the main purpose of Field Day is not only class bonding, but also school-wide bonding. Field Day is a precious tradition that Marian holds dear, and it is something that is completely ours.

Field Day is a precious day in April in which every Marian girl dresses up in their class costumes, frantically works on the hardest part of their demonstrations, and gets excited to express their class’ spirit. To those of you who haven’t experienced Field Day, demonstrations are routines choreographed to popular songs. Each class takes a few songs, changes the lyrics to match their theme, then performs in front of the whole school, plus the family and friends of stu- dents. After demo, judge’s booklet presentation, cheerleader performance, and more, judges tally up their votes, and a winner is announced.

Any Marian student could meet any Marian graduate on the street, and one of the first questions out of their mouths is almost guaranteed to be, “What were your Field Day themes?”

Although Field Day has changed from the first marches down Military Avenue and softball games in Benson Park to an all-out performance at Sokol Arena on Creighton’s campus, all Marian girls can remember their Field Days with fondness.

Field Day not only teaches us some of life’s most important lessons, but also forces us to put them into practice. If you don’t want to work with others, cooperate, and compromise during Field Week, you’re in for a rude awakening. You will see problem-solving like never before when ordering 900 yards of Caribbean green fabric for costumes, panicking during crunch time for Walls, putting the finishing touches on mascots and judges’ booklets, and practicing skits. Learning our student-choreographed demonstrations is one of the most exciting yet frustrating things you will encounter in high school, and watching the cheerleaders perform for the first time is a moving experience.

When the big day actually arrives, each girl excitedly puts her costume and final touches of makeup on. Cheers are perfected, costumes are tailored with duct tape, and excitement is at an all time high.

Finally, the time arrives. Classes parade to the Sokol Arena, cheering and smiling until their faces hurt. Everyone sits down, and the festivities begin. Each class cheers not only for their own spirit, but for the spirit of every other class.

It is especially heart-warming to see bonding between Big Sister and Little Sister classes. It is safe to say each class does indeed nd their spirit in the end. For those who have not yet experienced the joys of Field Day, get excited! It is right around the corner.

With all this being said, the intensi- ty of competition can get a little out of control. Tension between classes can rise to unhealthy heights. Rude tweets, Instagram posts, or any other social media bashing does not make anyone better or cooler than anyone else.

Trust us, The Network staff knows exactly how Field Day can get. Whether it’s lack of oxygen from blowing up balloons for walls, or something completely different, it’s easy to take things too far. Take some time out of your day to remember we are lucky to have Field Day, and school unity really is the true purpose. What other way would you want to end the year besides a week of sewing, gluing, drawing, painting, acting, and cheering?

The Network staff is getting extremely excited as Field Day quickly approaches. We are more than ready to get our healthy competition on and have a lot of fun!

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