City Planners face off with Student Board

By J1 Reporter Shannon McSweeney

Picture this: hordes of multi-colored high schoolers flooding 72nd Street, cutting off all means of escape. This is what Walk-A-Thon (WAT) could be, if it weren’t for the tireless planning and coordination of both Student Board and Omaha’s city planners.

But this year, the event didn’t go as smooth as it seemed.

According to Student Board moderator and art teacher Mrs. Ashley Bauer, the school wanted to shrink the entire student body’s walking route based on how much it raised (a grand total of $125,000). Student Board was late with the pitch, and the idea wasn’t approved.

“The (city) planning committee wouldn’t allow it, we brought it up too close to the Walk-A-Thon date,” Bauer said disappointedly.

Although the ordeal was “frustrating” and “not what we wanted it to be”, she was pleased with the end results and is excited for next year’s WAT.


2016 Parade Permit

The rest of the planning for last Friday’s event was smooth sailing. The only hoop to jump through was filling out a parade form needed for the student body to walk (pictured), usually $50 dollars but free for schools. Marian’s contact in the Public Works Department, Michael Gaughen (not available for comment), helped along the way.

“He’s our guy, we talk to him every year,” Bauer said, “He knows Marian.”

Despite the potential discord, this year’s Walk-A-Thon went without a hitch. With police cars and planned routes keeping the teenage girl apocalypse from affecting the rest of the city, and a reliable group of leaders working behind the scenes, Marian girls merrily marched on.

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