IDEAS club promotes Hispanic Heritage Month


During lunch on Oct. 5, IDEAS club hosted two speakers for Hispanic Heritage Month to tell their personal stories of their journeys to Omaha, Nebraska.

The first speaker, Claudia Archer, recounted her movement from Spain to London and from London to Omaha, as a result of her job. The company she was working for encouraged her to become a citizen, and eventually she did.

The second speaker, Amor Habbab, revealed that her family traveled to Omaha after her mom was kidnapped at an ATM when they lived in Mexico. Her mom couldn’t feel safe living in Mexico, so they moved to Omaha when Habbab was only 13 years old.

She attended Christ the King and Duchesne High School, then continued on to study at Creighton.

Both speakers gave students inspiring insight on different perspectives that need to be heard.

Why is Hispanic Heritage Month important to you?

It shows that Hispanics are important too and people set aside important days to celebrate it and that’s pretty cool.”

Mariana Inciarte-Balza ’19

It’s part of my culture and past. I wouldn’t be here if my grandpa’s family didn’t come here.”

Claire Sena ’19

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