Get the point: a rundown of Marian’s funniest points

by Hayley Golden

Marian Student “Points” out her own Point 

Frieda Nomenyo ’19

Almost everyone has had an incident when they came to school and realized that they were wearing something they’re not supposed to. Whether it’s laundry day or we just unknowingly put on the wrong socks, it happens to the best of us. Frieda Nomenyo 2019

Junior Frieda Nomenyo just happened to be wearing the wrong socks on the wrong day. “Sophomore year we were talking about socks in homeroom, and it was laundry day. So, of course, my socks were green. I didn’t think I’d actually get caught, but I did,” Nomenyo said.

The whole situation started when Nomenyo was having a conversation with her classmates about socks. “I pointed to my socks, not thinking about the color, and Ms. Altman looked at me and said ‘Did you really just point out your socks to me?’ I was like ‘uhh’ and everyone else was like ‘FRIEDDDAAAA.’ Then she said ‘Now I have to give you a point.’ I wrote the point and she signed it, so I gave myself a point,” Nomenyo said.

Despite being a little disapPOINTed, Nomenyo was able to have a good laugh about it later. “Our class made up a song because I kept getting points that day,” Nomenyo said. Although getting a point was slightly upsetting for Nomenyo, the situation made for a great story.

iBlock Adds Points

Kaitlyn Roy ’21

iBlock has become quite the point of interest among Marian girls. The newly issued disciplinary device serves as a reminder for girls to do their homework. If a student forgets, or simply doesn’t do the work, they are sent to iBlock—a 35 minute program where girls do their homework after school. If you skip, you are immediately given four discipline points. Kaitlyn Roy 2021

For freshman Kaitlyn Roy, skipping iBlock led to more than four points. The whole incident was completely a matter of confusion. “I told the teacher who assigned it that I wouldn’t be able to make it, and it turns out that information didn’t exactly reach the teacher in charge of iBlock,” Roy said. “I wasn’t exactly angry, just confused.”

Roy texted her mom right before her study hall to tell herthe news. “While texting my mom about the four points I got, I had my phone taken away, and got two more points,” Roy said.

As a result, even though Roy was dismayed, she learned a very valuable lesson: don’t skip iBlock.

Dead Week Disaster

Anna Swoboda ’18

Dead week, the week before finals, is notorious for causing stress, exhaustion and major coffee consumption. If you’ve experienced it, then you know what it feels like to be overwhelmed, tense and fatigued all at the same time. For senior Anna Swoboda, Dead Week took its toll in history class.

Anna Swoboda 2018While watching a movie about a former President, Swoboda couldn’t help but close her eyes, and take a nap. “I fell asleep in DA’s American History Class when we were watching John Adams,” Swoboda said.

Swoboda woke up at the end of the class when the bell rang, however she wasn’t able to leave right away. “DA read out a long list of names and my name was on the list. Everyone on the list had to stay behind and get a point,” Swoboda said.

Because it was her first point, Swoboda was naturally disappointed, but soon got over it. “More than half the class got a point for falling asleep, so I don’t feel that bad.”

Although taking a nap cost Swoboda a point, at least she got some sleep out of it.

First Week Freshman

Lily Weindel ’20

Lily Wiendel 2020Freshman year is all about learning the rules and ways of Marian – including the dress code. If a teacher spots you out of the correct uniform, you may be in for a sticky situation. At Marian, dress code violations are the biggest factors for students getting points, and for sophomore Lily Weindel, being out of uniform cost her a disciplinary point on the first week of freshman year.

“I was so scared about it! I literally thought it would ruin my entire Marian experience and I was freaking out so much. It was the worst because it was the first week and I already had a point,” Weindel said.

The point came after Weindel wore the wrong socks to school. Although the socks were the right color, they were too short, and therefore, against the dress code. “I knew I was wearing the wrong socks and knew it was against the dress code. I have no idea why I was so surprised to get the point. I remember picking them out, thinking how they were too short, but then just putting them on. Rookie mistake, I guess,” Weindel said.

Even though Weindel was anxious at the time, she’s now able to look back and laugh. “I find it really funny because I was so nervous about it and remember being so irritated about it and telling my friends,” said Weindel, “At the time I thought it was the biggest deal, but now I realize that it was just because I was so new to everything.”


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