Girls ready for fun, educational opportunities over the summer

by Abby McLaughlin

Marian girls are always busy. Whether it’s homework, soccer practice or jlily colorust hanging out with friends, we always find something to make time go by. However, in the summer, there’s no homework or projects to fill time. Instead, these Marian girls found other ways to get the most of their time and spark their interests.

Junior Lily Blake will be attending Girls’ State June 3-9. Girls’ State is a government-run simulation on University of Nebraska Lincoln’s campus. The application process is selective, with only one girl from each school being able to be sent to the conference. At the conference, Blake will fill out paperwork to run for office and take a test over current issues and the Nebraska Blue Book, a reference manual with information on Nebraska’s State Government, geography, economy, history and culture. 

Participants also run and fill every office in the Nebraska Unicameral. Everyone has a chance to do the jobs of the position they were elected for the week they’re there. Blake will also have a service opportunity in the Lincoln area. “I am interested in government so this looked appealing to me. It will be fun to socialize and work with other girls who share my interest,” Blake said.

Freshmen Jenna Andersen and Maddison Fitzgibbons will be attending a marine biology camp called Animal Camp Jamaica. From July 1-14, they will study fish on the reefs of Jamaica and explore the other parts of Jamaica. In the future, both Andersen and Fitzgibbons want to study marine biology, so they decided to participate in the camp. The application process started last September, and they didn’t find out if they were accepted until November. “I think having field experience will help me a lot in my science classes here at Marian,” Andersen said.

sarah colorSophomore Sara Lighthart, is attending a screenwriting camp at Loyola Marymount University, in Los Angeles, Calif. She will be attending the beginners screenwriting camp from July 15-28. At the camp, professors and other professionals will teach Lighthart how to write scripts for movies, specifically a drama, a comedy and a horror script. “I want to be a screenwriter, so this will be the beginning of the process,” Lighthart said. 

Lighthart had to submit three essays. Within those, Lighthart had to write a personal statement, along with her own scene and script. With the help and encouragement from guidance counselor, Mrs. Laura Gelecki, and English teacher, Ms. Adie Magistro, Lighthart was successful throughout the application process. Those attending the camp will have full access to facilities, go on television set tours and to Disneyland for a day. 

Sophomore Eleni Patsalis is attending Summer Immersion at Columbia University. At this camp, from July 17 to Aug. 3, she will be taking classes focusing on molecular biology and genetics. To attend the camp, Patsalis had to write an essay, send in her transcript, PSAT scores and teacher recommendations. “I like learning more, and I think it will be good to learn in a different classroom setting,” Patsalis said.

With endless opportunities to be discovered, Marian girls can always find something to fill their time. 

IF YOU DID/OR ARE DOING SOMETHING EXTRA ENRICHING THIS SUMMER… SEND US A NOTE or REPLY/COMMENT BELOW and we’ll consider your story for our back-to-school issue!  Thanks!

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The Network is the student newspaper of Marian High School, Nebraska's only Class A College-Preparatory School for young women.

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