A Look Inside the World’s Most Haunted Museum

Tomi Huber

Mr. Nate and Mrs. Kaleigh Raterman – the modern day Ed and Lorraine Warren of “The Conjuring” films – are an average couple who happen to own the world’s most haunted museum, that opened in 2016.

The Museum of Shadows in Plattsmouth contains more than 1000 haunted artifacts from all over the world including Ayda, the world’s most haunted doll. They recieve around 60 donations daily and have 12 storage units full of items waiting to go through the “quarantine process” before entering the museum.

All people are welcome to the museum, even if they don’t believe in spirits. The main attraction is a self-guided tour visitors can experience at their own pace. “We really wanted to create a space people could come into and feel the energy for themselves,” Mrs. Raterman said.

The Raterman’s journey began in 2006 when Nate moved into a new home that would change his life forever. He was “a bit of a skeptic” until this house introduced him to activity that altered his view on the spirit world. He captured footage of happenings within his home that he would post on YouTube which caused people to contact him and even donate haunted artifacts from around the world. Eventually, the mayor of Plattsmouth heard about Mr. Raterman’s collection of items and offered him the opportunity to build a museum in whichever local building he wanted. Naturally, he and Mrs. Raterman chose a building built in 1881 that used to serve as a brothel and saloon. More than 18 confirmed murders occured in the building, and someone was even shot and killed right at the front door. While all of this happened many years ago, the Raterman’s still feel, and even see, the spirits of people who used to roam the building. To remind visitors of the building’s dark history, they put x’s on the floor where bodies were found throughout the museum.

Mr. and Mrs. Raterman do a lot more than just run a haunted museum. As of last May, they started filming for their own TV show in which they investigate haunted places around the world and feature an aspect of the museum at the end of each episode.

Mrs. Raterman is also a psychic medium who does readings to help people facing difficult circumstances or who want to communicate with someone who has passed. “That’s something I like to do just because of a lot of stuff I’ve been through in my life. It’s what I can do to kind of help give back to other people,” Mrs. Raterman said.

In addition, the couple provides the healing and protective side of the spirit world by selling sage, crystals and more at the museum. “This is our passion, this is what we love to do. We get to come to work and be together and travel together and help people, so it’s really something fun that we get to do together,” Mrs. Raterman said.


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