Fomo no mo mo because I went to Yoshitomo

Kayla Gornall

Like other sushi restaurants, Yoshitomo gave me strong mermaid vibes. The decor was on point with warm lights, which were connected with rope. This decor gave me the vibe of a sailboat—a quaint and inviting sailboat. Catering to the oceany experience, I first ordered a seaweed salad, which costs $5.

This salad came out in about seven minutes. It wasn’t the typical all-green seaweed salad; this one had many different colors and types of seaweed. The flavor of the sesame chili dressing was spectacular and the different textures of the seaweed intrigued me with every bite.

For my meal, I ordered a sushi roll called the Moana for $12. My taste buds were tingling for some of the other dishes on the menu that were not sushi, but I decided to go basic. I ordered the Moana because of the name, but also because I love spicy tuna, spicy crab, avocado and pineapple, which were included in the roll. Eel sauce and honey wasabi were supposed to be on top of the roll, but I ordered it on the side because I was skeptical of the honey wasabi.

IMG_2358The order took about 25 minutes. It was a Saturday night, so I was expecting a wait, but still got antsy to try this new sushi roll. When I got to taste the creation, I was pleasantly surprised by the range of flavors. The sweetness of the pineapple, the spiciness of the seafood and the balance of sauces complimented each other nicely. I ate all of it!

Overall, Yoshitomo gave me an experience that is commendable. As the only sushi restaurant in Benson, and the only Yoshitomo location, I would highly recommend stopping there next time you find yourself in this unique and colorful part of town.


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