Select Women’s Choir records liturgical music

By Caitlyn Virgillito

From being doctors, singers, artists, soccer players, lawyers and accountants, Marian girls have pretty much done it all. Now, Marian’s Select Women’s Choir is recording a song in the same studio Lady Gaga recorded her popular Nebraskan song, “You and I.”

The owner of the Ware House Recording studio is a former Marian dad. His daughter was in choir with Marian choir director Lauren Morrissey and the Select Women’s Choir recorded there when Morrissey was in high school.

They are recording a song written by Gene Klosner of St. Elizabeth’s Church choir, called “Who is this King of Glory.” The Select Women’s Choir will record two songs this year and next year add their voices to another song or two. Eventually everything will be compiled together for a CD. “We were asked to participate in this recording because of Klosner’s connection and love for the Marian fine arts,” senior Olivia Hess said.

“I’m so excited for this project. It was an honor to be asked to join the recording process,” Morrissey said. Klosner and his sister, Cher, have Marian and Prep connections and they were the Worship Choir directors at Marian for a couple of years when Morrissey was at Marian.

In the studio • The Select Women’s Choir prepares to record their parts in ‘Who is the King of Glory’ at Ware House Recording studio. Photo courtesy of Ms. Morrissey.

Throughout the school year, the Marian Select Women’s Choir worked on a variety of music pieces that will help them develop their skills in preparation for all of their concerts and the district music contest.

Currently, the choir is collaborating with Creighton Prep’s Chamber Choir and St. Elizabeth’s Church choir to record the song. Prep’s Chamber Choir and the St. Elizabeth’s Church choir recorded tenor and bass parts while the Marian choir recorded their soprano and alto portions on April 30 at the Ware House Recording Studio. “The vocal selections will then be multiplied and amplified together with all four parts to create a harmonic and beautiful sound through technical audio as opposed to a live performance,” Hess said.

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