Behind the Scenes of Picking this Year’s WAT Theme

By J1 Reporter Chloe Samuelson 

On Sept. 24 at Marian, the annual fundraiser, Walk-a-Thon (WAT), took place with this year’s theme being Foam WAT! Ryan Sully, a senior on Student Board, was the primary person behind picking the beloved theme for this year. Each year the seniors on the Student Board collaborate to choose the overall theme for our walk. 

The foam party theme has been in the works for awhile now. According to Amelia Roth, a junior on Student Board, last year when the seniors started planning, they initially planned on having the theme as foam. They ended up settling on “Bubble WAT” because of the many COVID-19 restrictions that were in place. Sully reiterated the theme for this year when planning began back in July 2021. The other seniors agreed, and they knew that they wanted to follow through with the previously thought of foam idea.

The announcement of the theme is something that the student body looks forward to each WAT kick off assembly. Sully explained how she was not nervous but excited to announce this year’s theme at the Aug. 20 kick off event. Her primary worry was that the theme would not be executed the way she imagined it would, but the theme was a hit. The Marian community enjoyed the day under the giant foam machine, taking pictures and documenting the fun. 

Junior Ellie Cusick enjoys the foam during the post-walk celebration on Sept. 24. The junior class received second place in Walk-A-Thon. Photo by J1 Photographer Amelia Roth.

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