1980’s staple ‘Goonies’ resurfaces as fall classic

Review by NinaMcMullen

Image Source: Movies Anywhere

For this edition of reviewing old movies… let’s talk about “Goonies.””Goonies” is probably one of those movies that your parents constantly talk make references to and label as a “staple” of their childhood. It’s one of those classics that you’re made fun of for not having seen. But is it really worth the watch?

It is absolutely worth your time. Originally written by Steven Spielberg but handed over to Richard Dohner to direct, this action/adventure film captivated audiences. It turned a $19 million budget into a $64 million grosser and with the release of home video in 1975, has become a cult classic and sits at the No. 13 spot on Rolling Stone’s 25 greatest movies of the 19080s and No. 81 position on the list of 100 best films of all time.

So why is it so beloved? It’s not every day that a film acquaints you with a group of rascally kids burdened with the discovery of a treasure map and thrown into an Indiana-Jones-esque adventure. With a young but star-studded cast, featuring names like Josh Brolin, Corey Feldman, and Ke Huy Quran (among others), the acting is phenomenal.

You feel connected to this group of kids and the movie indulges everyone’s childhood fantasies of elaborate quests and daring pirating adventures. With dark caves and exciting waterfalls, this film is shot in a way that allows the viewer to feel part of the action all from the comfort of their own home.

Overall, this 80s classic is a perfect film to watch with the family on a crisp fall night. Although its release in 1985 may make it seem like a waste of your time, I can assure you that this film will leave you wanting more. As a whole, we can learn a lot from older films and they can provide a great bonding experience between generations.

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