Brooke Herdzina’s Photography Portfolio

Portrait of a Person



Peach Tree


Gym gains: Students engage in a round-robin style class workout during their weight lifting class. Marian girls enrolled in weight lifting to learn how incorporate weight lifting into their workouts and lives.

News/Feature Photo

Tumbling through Surprise Day: Rory Brennan ‘24 and Olivia Franklin ‘24 race each other in hamster balls on Surprise Day 2023. Surprise Day was held on Feb. 27. and truly shocked students, as it was held on a half day.





Pet Portrait


Academic Moment

Hard at work: Lexi Cowles ‘24 works on her finishing touches during pottery class. Girls in pottery worked to create plates and mugs for their early spring project.

Marian Core Value

Chopstick Connoisseur: Students participate in a fun game involving chopsticks on Lunar New Year. This game was to test the strength of each girl’s chopstick skills.

Emotional Response

Games spark student teacher connection: New Mandarin teacher, Rapkin teaches students fun games and culture from Lunar New Year. These activities were meant to spark discussion about Chinese culture and customs.

Ethics Statement: I strive to take photos that are true to my values, photos that I take pride in sharing with others and that showcase why life is worth living, in their raw state.

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